Testing & Quality assurance (QA)

Testing & Quality assurance (QA) is a centralized testing structure within IT organizations that delivers excellence in testing process standardization at fewer risks and costs.

Vertical Digital

Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE)

Testing Centre of Excellence consolidates QA resources efficiency in optimal utilization for business demands and enables achieving and maintaining quality performance.

The improvement of software testing functions increases applications’ performance through a coherent testing methodology of automated and manual test tools.

  • Automated test tools
  • Automated test scenarios
  • Automated test processes
  • Automated test reports 
  • Coherent testing methodology
  • QA standards and templates  
  • QA resources balancing
  • QA outsourcing
Software Testing

End-to-end QA consulting

Software QA (Quality Assurance) consulting services optimize the efficiency of the QA process by automatically checking and eliminating functional constraints. End-to-end QA consulting helps your company to improve the existing QA process, or create and design a new effective QA process, according to your specific needs. 

Software QA consulting identifies the process problems and implements the necessary improvements for your overall business performance through test automation, new QA strategies, and action plans for optimization.

  • QA process improvement
  • QA pre-certification testing and audit 
  • Testing strategy and optimization plan
  • Consulting on software testing 
  • Implementing test automation 
  • QA training sessions

QA outsourcing

QA (Quality Assurance) outsourcing delivers an efficient custom process aligned with the top software QA development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, Prototype, Lean, DevOps, and more) to help your business save time and money. QA outsourcing improves your software testing solutions through QA strategy planning, organizing test cases, reporting possible defects, and communicating test results. 

QA outsourcing to our experienced QA professionals ensures high functionality, cost-efficiency, and security of your company’s software goals.

  • QA strategy planning 
  • Service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Test environment setup 
  • Advanced test management
  • QA process redesign
  • Preparing test cases 
  • Software testing execution
  • Defects description
  • Regression testing 
  • Results reporting and evaluation

Security testing

Security testing is a software service that identifies vulnerabilities of IT systems and establishes convenient measures for data protection solutions. End-to-end security testing services aim to protect the cyber security of your company’s IT infrastructure, networks, systems, applications, programs, resources, and devices. 

Security testing improves software safety from cyber-attacks and financial losses and keeps your company updated with cybersecurity regulatory frameworks. It protects the information’s integrity and confidentiality and helps mend security threats or risks through programming.

  • Vulnerability assessment 
  • Security scanning 
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk assessment
  • Security code analysis
  • Infrastructure security auditing
  • Ethical hacking
  • Compliance testing

Usability testing

Usability testing, also known as UX (user experience) testing, is recommended to discover and measure how efficient, flexible, and user-friendly software applications are. Usability testing services expose usability problems and offer your company a clear understanding of the user experience expectations and defects. 

Usability testing aims to ease and improve your customer experience with better solutions for user interface performance. The testing will cover the ability to interact, search, browse, locate and download results. Our UX experts will report crucial pieces of information and observations on software functionalities. 

  • Usability testing
  • Usability ratings
  • User testing 
  • UX audit 
  • UX research 
  • Post-task average

Functional testing

Functional testing validates software operational specifications and requirements by testing its functions. Functional testing aims to provide manual and automated services for maximal efficiency of your applications, websites, or systems by combining API (application programming interface) testing with UI (user interface) testing.

Functional testing assures you that existing software functionalities work as per the corresponding requirements. We offer all types of functionality test activities to help your organization level up the conformance of the software system.

  • Requirements and specifications analysis
  • Drafting test strategy 
  • Drafting test plan
  • Drafting test design
  • Test implementation 
  • Test report
  • Regression testing 

Performance testing 

Performance testing is a technique used to measure the speed, stability, efficiency, reliability, and scalability requirements of your software systems, applications, websites, and devices. Performance testing services determine and eliminate the software’s bottlenecks for optimal functioning under the continuous workload. 

The performance testing measure ensures a positive user experience and a high return on investment (ROI), according to the established requirements, guidelines, and specifications.

  • Software requirements analysis
  • Drafting performance test plan 
  • Performance test scenarios
  • Performance test scripts
  • Running load testing
  • Running reliability testing 
  • Running stability testing 
  • Running scalability testing 
  • Results analysis
  • Performance test results report
  • Retesting performance measures

Test automation framework

Test automation frameworks give the benefits of optimizing the software testing processes by reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Test automation frameworks use specific strategies, standards, and practices for avoiding manual engineering functions through repetitive, fast, and systematic test automation tools.

Test automation framework heights the return on investment (ROI) in testing, simplifies test efforts and reduces human error. 

  • Automated system testing
  • Automated architecture testing
  • Automated performance testing
  • Automated usability testing
  • Automated unit testing
  • Automated interface testing
  • Automated integration testing
  • Automated compatibility testing
  • Automated acceptance testing
  • Automated compliance testing
  • Automated security testing