IT Strategy Consulting

IT strategy consulting promotes the efficiency of all your company processes and goals by analyzing and improving the present IT environment.

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IT Strategy Consulting

IT strategy consulting promotes the efficiency of all your company processes and goals by analyzing and improving the present IT environment. IT strategy consulting services are meant to offer a complete range of management solutions for your business networks, software, hardware, and cloud technology. 

IT strategy consulting supports your business development with a strategic IT plan that aligns the IT infrastructure with the company’s vision and objectives. In this process, we create and implement new IT services and optimize the existing ones to ensure operational efficiency, performance measurement, and scalability.

  • Business-IT alignment 
  • Strategic IT sourcing plan
  • Application integration strategy
  • Application performance management (APM)
  • Application security
  • Integration solution
IT Consulting

IT operations consulting

IT operations consulting provides you with services to rebuild the IT function of your company through operations management software optimization and monitorization. IT operations consulting services focus on raising production efficiencies in all functional areas of your business and reducing the associated costs through advanced technological opportunities.

We deliver and implement efficient IT operations management, easily integrated into your software platform. 

  • IT operations optimization
  • Resource management
  • Workforce management
  • Project management
  • Modules implementation plan
  • Continuous IT support

IT platform consulting

Our IT platform consulting services help you with your company’s digital transformation to increase IT productivity and rentability. IT platform consulting is designed to optimize all IT processes and configurations within your business platform. 

Vertical Digital provides IT consulting services that streamline your digital platform to adapt your data environment to new market requirements through customized technology solutions. You reach and grow the right customers, achieving consistently high performance, conversion and revenue.

  • Configuration management
  • IT platform customization 
  • IT platform optimization
  • IT platform implementation
  • Integration with third-party 

IT enterprise consulting 

IT enterprise consulting dedicates its services to the high-functioning automation of your business’s systems, processes, and workflows. We offer custom enterprise software solutions to support and simplify all of your company’s complex needs. 

Our software consulting process involves specific strategy operations to assist you in the optimization plan, no matter the industry domain.

  • Business and risks analysis
  • Optimization software plan
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Improving existing IT processes
  • Improving existing business strategy
  • Change management solutions
  • Custom workflow management solutions
  • Measuring and reporting results

IT project management consulting 

IT project management consulting offers external reviewing, advice, and transformation support for your company’s current project management processes to make them more efficient for your business plans and goals. Vertical Digital assists you with our experienced project management experts on the right solutions for efficient IT project conceptualization, implementation, and completion.

Our IT project management consulting services deliver high-quality methodologies to save you a current project or to develop a future one. We build performant project management consulting strategies for better processes across your organization.  

  • IT project assessment (analysis and evaluation)
  • IT project planning (solutions and methodology)
  • IT project change management
  • IT project resource management
  • Current project management processes reviewing
  • New project management processes implementation
  • Project management control and support

IT service management consulting

IT service management (ITSM) consulting is the development process of achieving the best ITSM practices for your company’s IT operational processes. With 15+ years of experience in IT service management consulting services, our ITSM consultants can help you review and manage your IT infrastructure and resources for fully customized and standardized management solutions. 

Our IT service management consulting services plan, build, organize, implement, monitor, and improve the quality and performance of all your IT service management practices and procedures.   

  • IT services vulnerability evaluation
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Employee training and education consulting
  • Service-level management
  • Financial management consulting
  • Problem management consulting
  • IT services solutions implementation
  • Continuous improvement of IT services

Crisis management consulting

Crisis management consulting services ensure successful response strategies that help your company quickly manage a critical situation. In the new digital era, continuous operability is crucial for a business’s credibility, trust, and profitability in the market. 

Digital crisis management consulting identifies and minimizes the risks, preparing active responses to diverse difficult situations.

  • Crisis consulting request analysis
  • Impact crisis evaluation on business 
  • Tailor-made crisis strategy elaboration
  • Solutions planning and implementation
  • Security risk assessment
  • Continuous IT support