Vertical Digital

Managed security services

Managed security services provide IT infrastructure protection so your business can monitor, prevent, and manage threatening incidents while ensuring constant regulatory compliance. At Vertical Digital, we help you reduce, detect and respond to associated cyber-attack security risks on your company’s software applications, systems, and network. 

Managed security services offer real-time monitoring and management of your company’s IT environment (infrastructure, software, hardware, systems, and cloud services) for security threats and attacks.

  • Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions 
  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) tools
  • Intrusion detection systems (IDS) systems 
  • Denial of Service (DoS) guidance
  • Managed security services strategy
  • IT infrastructure configuration and integration
  • Continuous security monitoring

Compliance testing

Compliance testing (conformance testing) is a non-functional security testing technique for checking whether the software systems, processes, and tools meet the organization’s defined requirements following internal and external standards and regulations. 

With 15+ years of experience in IT development and testing, our Vertical Digital consultants can help you as a third party to comply with specific software legislation and regulations to maintain your company’s safety and brand reputation.

  • Company’s software standards and regulations analysis
  • Software compliance assessment 
  • Software compliance report 
  • Software compliance follow-up
  • Regularly compliance testing

Security consulting

Security consulting services provide secure applications and a protected cloud environment through specialized techniques and technology management practices. Vertical Digital experts can identify your company’s weak points, detect safety threats, monitor security concepts, and optimize authorized access to your software resources.

Our security consulting offers you optimal and cost-effectively security solutions and controls, capitalizing on the potential of your business.

  • Security testing for detecting vulnerabilities
  • Evaluation of security requirements and standards
  • Compliance risk assessments and presentation
  • Recommendations for corrective measures
  • Developing security plans and controls
  • Securing development infrastructure
  • Periodic reviews and validations

Vulnerability assessment  

Vulnerability assessment services evaluate the security weaknesses of the systems and software infrastructure, assigning accurate recommendations for remediation when required. At Vertical Digital, we assist you in reviewing your company vulnerability assessment by systematically identifying and analyzing software infrastructure and applications vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability assessment for mobile applications, web applications, or desktop applications reveals the first-priority risks of security attacks on stored data through unauthorized access.

  • Network and application vulnerability evaluation
  • Automated and manual assessment procedures 
  • Vulnerability assessment report and recommendations 
  • Reliable vulnerability assessment services regularly

Application security implementation 

Application security implementation protects software apps against cyber-attacks on every level of security and development. Implementing application security procedures meets all the internal and external requirements for security policies throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC). 

With 15+ years of experience in IT development, our Vertical Digital consultants can help you with application security implementation systems and procedures to ensure the safety of stored data and authentication processes. 

  • Application security standards evaluation
  • Application security procedures implementation
  • Manual and automated security framework practices
  • Application authentication and authorization security implementation