Application Services & Application Management

Application management (AM) is the process of monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, performance control, optimization, and upgrading software applications.

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Application management

Application management services ensure applications remain performant, relevant, and running efficiently and failure-free. 

Application management activities align your business needs and strategy with technological advancements and support operational proficiency through reliable and cost-efficient software capabilities. Application management represents a lifecycle process for software applications, from internal to customer-facing operations.

  • Professional application management services
  • Application performance management 
  • Application monitoring 
  • Application enhancements
  • Application troubleshooting
  • Application optimization 
  • Application evolution
  • Application security solutions 
  • Change management plan
  • Review and training services
Application Services

Application integration

Application integration is optimizing workflows between different applications to enable them to merge and work together. Application integration helps individual applications, independently designed for a specific purpose, to evolve with one another new efficiencies and capabilities of modern systems. 

Application integration is the process that interconnects data exchanges across applications and systems, enabling your organization to operate under more agile functions.

  • Integration consulting
  • Integration planning
  • Integration model
  • Integration architecture
  • Full-cycle integration plan 
  • Integration solution implementation
  • Integration performance testing
  • Integration support 
  • Integration evolution
  • Security vulnerabilities control

Application testing

Application testing investigates your software’s conformity and quality to identify possible errors in its performance, functioning, security, and integrations. Application testing is a software testing process conducted through scripts and other test automation frameworks to ensure flawless web and mobile applications. 

Application testing addresses usability standards, general data security requirements, untroubled continuous functioning, height performance under extreme stress, and integrations with other apps.

  • Application testing strategy 
  • Application testing plan
  • Mobile applications testing 
  • Web applications testing 
  • Applications load testing 
  • Applications stress testing
  • Applications performance testing
  • Applications functioning testing
  • Applications usability testing
  • Applications security testing
  • Applications integrations testing

Application development

Application development is the creation of software from concept to design and testing in an entire application lifecycle. This process covers collecting the business specifications and requirements, ideation, project planning, designing, development, testing, deployment, support, and maintenance of the application. 

Cloud application development services are the new software delivery model that offers your systems higher productivity, relevance, security, and efficiency. 

  • Web application development services
  • Cloud application development services
  • Application development project planning
  • Business case
  • App architecture design
  • App UX/UI design
  • Cloud app development 
  • Web app development 
  • App integration
  • App quality assurance (QA)
  • App testing
  • App support
  • App optimization and evolution

Application modernization

Application modernization keeps applications and systems safe, private, relevant, and cost-efficient in the new era of digital solutions. Application modernization provides software upgrades with minimal disruption and no risks to customers’ data security. 

Application modernization includes mobile, web, and desktop app modernization by managing the new app infrastructures and architectures to the technological advancements. The benefits of application modernization for your business needs cover increased efficiency, availability, performance, security, and scalability.  

  • Web app modernization
  • Mobile app modernization
  • Desktop app modernization
  • Application modernization consulting
  • Application re-hosting
  • Application re-platforming 
  • Application reengineering and refactoring
  • App infrastructure modernization
  • App architecture modernization
  • App integrations 
  • App UI/UX

Application security services

Application security services provide secure software consulting, planning, development, deployment, compliance, and efficient operation for future or existing apps. Application security services and practices support your organization’ evolution with a secured business development process according to IT security frameworks, standards, and regulations.

Application security services analyze cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities of an app, assess its compliance with security requirements, and implement data security controls. These include web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, cloud applications, and IoT applications. 

  • Application vulnerability scanning
  • Application security scanning
  • Application penetration testing
  • Application security review
  • Application security requirements 
  • Application compliance assessment 
  • Secure application design
  • Secure application development environment
  • Secure application development tools
  • Automated security testing tools
  • Application security retesting 

Application maintenance and support

Application maintenance and support services ensure that your business-critical systems work coherently and efficiently. These dedicated and detailed software services improve the app’s performance and availability for long-term customer satisfaction. Application maintenance and support reduce systems downtime, persistent software incidents, data loss, and operational costs. 

Application maintenance and support warrant your business that all the systems are performing at the maximum capabilities of availability, reliability, efficiency, and relevance. 

  • Application vulnerability diagnostics
  • Application security testing
  • Security improvements reports
  • Application advanced evolution
  • Application re-architecting 
  • Application modernization
  • Application performance management
  • Application security management
  • Application compliance management