IT Outsourcing

Vertical Digital

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a model of IT outsourcing strategy that provides a temporary collaboration service to cover your company’s IT functions and resources needs. Under this outsourcing operation, our Vertical Digital experts can join your development team as hired on a short-term basis for a specific project.  

Staff augmentation services aim to complement your team’s required skills for a particular stage of the project through the external hire of an IT expert. That will grant you the benefit of increasing operational efficiency at lower costs.

  • Team augmentation request analysis 
  • Selecting the right candidates 
  • Suitable candidates approvement
  • Scheduling and conducting the interviews
  • Signing the service level agreement (SLA)
  • Project development
IT Outsourcing

Self-managed team 

You can efficiently outsource your IT project by hiring a self-managed team that runs autonomously to deliver excellent services. Vertical Digital provides you with specialized and dedicated IT expert teams that take all the management responsibility of the project, reducing the pressure on your staff and enhancing development speed and productivity in your company. 

Self-managed IT teams are cost-effective for a specific end-to-end process. They deliver the best quality skills for the job without hiring expenses.

  • Self-managed team request analysis 
  • Selecting the right adaptative team
  • Self-managed team approvement
  • Self-managed team integration
  • Daily workflow reports 
  • End-to-end project development