IT Support

Vertical Digital

Full-service IT support

IT support services cover technical procedures and activities that assist your company in the anticipation, report, and urgent intervention for failure issues of the software operations, processes, and networks. Full-service IT support maintains high performance, reliability, and security of software workflows, reducing additional IT costs. 

With 15+ years of experience in IT, Vertical Digital offers complete technical assistance for software support and maintenance.

  • IT services vulnerability evaluation report
  • Software support operations and applications
  • Network operations center (NOC)
  • IT help desk assistance 
  • IT backup and recovery plan
  • IT network equipment maintenance


IT Support Desk

IT help desk services 

IT help desk services offer software solutions through an operational platform that facilitates immediate assistance and support for your customer’s and employees’ problems. IT help desk by Vertical Digital facilitates positive software experiences for your team members when facing a technical issue that needs fixing.

IT help desk services include a customer support team that provides quick advisory help for users. Further, they offer integrated technical support for usual software problems and continuous monitorization of IT infrastructure for increasing business productivity.

  • Help desk evaluation
  • Help desk consulting 
  • Customer service desk
  • Help desk toolkit
  • Help desk outsourcing
  • Continuous IT monitoring

Network operations center (NOC)

A network operations center (NOC) is a centralized place where software engineers and managers monitor and manage 24×7 all the network systems and devices from your company headquarters or remotely through outsourced services. NOC procedures and activities provide continuous software network monitoring, management, troubleshooting, and quick resolution of issues. 

NOCs provide network diagnosis, repairs, optimizations, and maintenance, improving configuration management, efficiency and performance.

  • Network malfunctioning report
  • Network configuration control
  • Fault diagnosis and response
  • Incident management automation
  • Continuous network monitoring

Applications support

Applications support services help to troubleshoot and restore the performant availability of all the software apps your company uses. Vertical Digital’s applications support ensures that each app is fully accessible and reliable, which increases functional capability and customer satisfaction, eliminates errors, and reduces operational costs.

With an applications support service, any of your business’s digital processes can run as planned and develop without technical problems. We support mobile apps, web apps, and desktop apps, as well as cloud apps & SaaS, timely identifying, fixing, and optimizing software issues. 

  • Application support request analysis 
  • Evaluation report and resolving issues plan
  • Service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Application support services implementation
  • Software optimization and updates
  • Continuous support and reporting

IT equipment maintenance

IT equipment maintenance uses several procedures and methods to monitor and repair the efficient operation of your organizational equipment. At Vertical Digital, we perform reliable equipment maintenance services that help your company to optimize end-to-end performance and the evolution of overall IT equipment systems. 

IT equipment maintenance solutions offer real-time equipment monitoring and management of its life cycle, conditions, and failure.

  • Collecting and analyzing equipment data
  • Real-time equipment status monitoring
  • Real-time equipment performance monitoring
  • Analysis and optimization of equipment data
  • End-to-end data management and synchronization
  • Automated identified issues notifications
  • IT equipment maintenance reports

IT backup and recovery plan

IT backup and recovery plan for all data types involves a set of strategies and procedures for any failure scenario as best practice to protect your software systems and operations security and performance. At Digital Vertical, we develop a tailor-made IT backup and recovery plan to prepare your management and software teams for an emergency. 

Developing an IT backup and recovery strategy ensures real-time data replication so your company can recover from an unexpected software system outage without data corruption and loss. 

  • Emergency IT backup and recovery strategy
  • Automated and manual backup and recovery plan
  • Employee training for a software service failure