Frequently Asked Question

Got questions about Software Services and how they improve your profit margins? This is the place to find the answers – if we haven’t answered yours, tell us please.

What is team augmentation?

We can provide a single developer or a team to close a gap in your permanent line up. The work period can vary. Clients are encouraged to review our bench of talent and make selections using CV and interview. If we don’t have the exact skills you’re looking for, we will find them for you and test the capabilities of a developer who is new to us. We’ll share those results with you and make a recommendation accordingly.

What is software and project consultancy?

You may have the desire to digitise a process or update and bespoke a software package, or make an internal tool meet modern standards of connectivity and usability, then our consultancy service can help. Led by a senior architect, we will support your business to adapt processes or to find a better product and way of doing things. We have expertise in cracking software codes and opening up your opportunities.

What is Business analysis?

This does what it says on the tin – analyses your business to understand how software and services can combine to help you be the best you can. The creation of a plan that’s shared with a product / technology architect can be nailed down to a timeline and a cost; here’s for certainty in an uncertain world!

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