Training & Internships

We believe in building careers and encouraging personal and professional growth. Students are welcome to join our training programs and internships to learn more about the world of software development and IT on a practical leve


Internships are a great way for our experts to get much-needed help, and for students to gain much-needed experience. Our internships can last anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending on how long we need you. It doesn’t stop there, though. If we find that you’ll make a great addition to our team, there may even be the possibility of long-term collaboration.

These are paid internships and will give you the opportunity to really delve deep into your chosen profession, with tons of practical experience and mentoring. What you study in school and college is only a fraction of what the IT industry is about, which is why this internship program is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the real-life working environment of the IT field.

Let us be your IT sensei!

Why Take an Internship with Us?

  • Gain working experience to put on your resume
  • Get to know the real-life IT working environment
  • Get mandatory equivalence Work-Integrated-Learning (WIL) experience for college or
  • university
  • Understand real-world IT briefs and projects
  • Broaden your professional network
  • Gain hands-on practice to better your skills
  • Get mentored by experts in the IT field


Connect, work, and train with our world-class IT experts and build the foundation of your IT career. At Vertical Digital, our professionals help you polish certain areas while giving you a clear idea of what the IT industry is all about. Though this is a short-term learning opportunity, we provide you with a combination of theoretical and practical exercises that you can use to amplify your skill levels.

At the end of these programs, Vertical Digital analyzes participants who’ve performed and accomplished the most and, sometimes, offer long-term collaboration opportunities. We’re constantly looking for innovative, productive, and skilled IT geniuses. So, you can be sure you’ll get noticed if you shine in our training program.

Why Join Our Training Program?

  • Dive even deeper into your theoretical IT knowledge
  • Gain hands-on, practical experience
  • Learn more about the different areas of the IT industry from the experts
  • Build the foundation to the start of your career
  • Grow with professional and personal attitudes and techniques
  • Let professional software engineers mentor you
  • Gain the opportunity to work with Vertical Digital long-term

Get a head-start on your IT career, polish your skills, and open the doors to your future with an internship or training program from Vertical Digital. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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