Join as a freelancer

You can never have enough knowledge in one company. Verical Digital wants you to become a part of the excellence – even if it’s just every now and then.

Success by Association.

You are a professional, and so are we. Together, we can create an environment where we’re both associated with the provision of professional, expert IT solutions to the world. Being a freelancer at Vertical Digital means you get to do what you love, create solutions, and build your experience.
At Vertical Digital, we believe in growing careers, opportunities, and experience. Our freelancing department is an excellent opportunity for you to make an extra buck or two, while not being permanently fixed to our company.

Why Become a Freelancer at Vertical Digital?

Flexible Working Hours

Be a night owl, an early bird, or something in-between – as long as you meet client deadlines, you can work any time you want.

You are the Office

Work from wherever you want – whether you prefer a café, the sofa, or the Bahamas.

Finish Work, Get Paid

Whenever a client is happy and pays for your services, you get paid your freelancing cut.

Freedom to Learn, Live, and Work

Whatever you do in between jobs is your own prerogative. If you want to travel for a living and provide software solutions on the side, welcome to freelancing.

Send Your Profile

If you want to become a freelancing part of the Vertical Digital team, feel free to send us your portfolio and we’ll send you work as it comes in. If you specialize in specific software creation, let us know and we’ll be sure to send more specialized projects your way

Get ready to explore the diverse, flexible, and free world that is freelancing.

Ready to Build Your Software?

We are fully equipped to handle your software development from start to finish, from small individual segments to more significant project processes. From requirements to systems analysis, architecture, design, development, and even testing, migration, and deployment – we do it all, no matter how big or small. Reach out to experience the Vertical Digital difference today.