Maintenance and Support

24/7 Application Support from our Experienced Engineers

Software maintenance

Reduce software ownership costs

Software maintenance is a widely accepted and necessary aspect of the Software Development Lifecycle – it means all modifications, updates and bug fixes keep your software operating at peak performance. Assuming the software you’re seeking to maintain was properly and effectively developed in the first place, maintenance and support should mean keeping the utility of the software at its maximum potential, rather than having to correct faults embedded by a poor SDLC. We provide truly affordable level 2 (in-depth technical support) and level 3 (expert product and service support) and show our clients real value.

Our maintenance and support services include:

  • Level 2 and 3 support
Bug fixing

  • Application support

  • 24/7 on call rotation

  • Application security maintenance

Software Refactoring

There comes a time in every software product’s life when it’s utility needs to be assessed and measured – does it help users achieve their goals, or has it become a hindrance? Naturally hardware changes force change and previous coding limitations can leave software obsolete. Vertical Digital can carry out a full review and report on the effects of change on your software utility and help you to plan a phased change to minimise disruption.

Corrective Maintenance

This includes modifications and updates done in response to user error reports and it’s the simplest approach to understanding where problems are and how to fix them.

Adaptive Maintenance

This covers modifications and updates to tune software and keep it running as well as was intended when it was first released – essential if the environment and business landscape has changed since that first event.

Preventive Maintenance

This literally means updating software to guard against something bad happening! Fixing small problems now can prevent a catastrophic failure that occurs in an unforeseen way. Better to be safe than sorry.

Software testing

Quality assurance

Monitor the software engineering process to ensure a quality product.

Cloud native applications

Cloud Migration

Assess, plan, design, implement and manage your IT systems in the cloud