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Innovation With Confidence 

To start product thinking or a proof of concept, all we need is a brief that outlines the project and its purpose. Our business analysts and product architects and engineers will help you crystallise your thinking, bringing research and reaction from a target audience or key users to make sure intention matches reality. Validation of the idea will depend on time and budget, so we are also expert at making the best with what we are given. With an unlimited budget we can of course achieve miracles, but life is never like that! So we spend your hard earned budget in the most effective way possible, guiding and advising on the choices you’ll have to make to achieve your goal. Innovation can mean ground breaking something entirely new – but it’s most likely that by assembling products that already exist, an entirely new product can be configured and synthesised by utilising the services and functions available from other tried and trusted software; integration and functionality then become the focus and we have plenty of experience spinning out new products in this way.

PoC Feasibility In Areas:

  • Identity management

  • Cloud applications

  • Medical and Health software

  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

Analysing The Viability Of Your Product 

Proof of Concept development is the process of building a PoC. A PoC is an effective tool that works to validate a proposed idea in software. A PoC verifies whether specific concepts are compatible with real-world business applications. Our PoC development services team have created many of these demonstrations in the form of mock-ups for a broad range of industries with varying levels of need and expectation.

Week Zero

For your idea to become a viable project, you first need to prove the need for it. Whether it is an internal business case which improves productivity or efficiency, or a new product to increase your overall market, the most critical data for your idea at this stage is viability. We help you deconstruct your concept into its main parts first to differentiate the goals/problems of the idea from the solutions. Generally, the two are tangled up. Our structured discussion and brainstorming model helps you understand your idea much better.


If your organizational decision makers want to move forward with code development, the next stage will be a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our Rapid Prototyping service includes: Information architecture, Sketches, Mockups Wireframes, Visual design, Actual clickable prototype, User testing.


In this stage, the idea is to create a product with a minimum set of features that is viable enough to test our fundamental assumptions. The reasons why we recommend continuing with an MVP is to be able to prove a product hypothesis with minimal resources and get the product to early adopters as soon as possible. This way we see what they do and don’t like.

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