Custom Software Development

Need bespoke, high-standard, budget-friendly software? We build income-generating and cost-reducing products.

Custom software

We’ve Got it All Covered

Whatever your industry or needs, we’ve got your custom software development needs under control with:

Bespoke Web Application

Whether you need your application to work on web or mobile, we’ll ensure high functionality on both with cross platform, feature-filled corporate- and consumer-oriented web applications.

Tailored Mobile Apps

Our experts can design any app or game for any mobile platform you need! Once it’s complete,

Design & User Experience Services

Our designated user experience (UI/UX) and design department has a team of highly creative and qualified graphic designers, programmers, and testers who all take part in designing software with the end-user in mind. From design, to ease-of-use; we can do it all!

Big Data

High volume data processing cuts all the right corners so your business can run at maximum efficiency. Using data-mining software, we can help you make the right business decisions according to high-end behavioural analysis and measurements.

Personalized Database Development

Whether you need simple or complex database development, we’re more than capable, and happy, to help you create the most effective and convenient one that suits your needs. These services range from creating a database from scratch to improving existing ones.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the amazing ability to improve your business operations using machine- and deep-learning. Our highly knowledgeable team of AI specialists provide detailed consultations to establish how AI can help your business grow while solving back-end issues. With years of experience in machine learning, our team can help you incorporate AI using easy to understand tactics and approaches.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things includes real-time monitoring and automated communication to not only speed up your business, but also assist you in saving valuable time, money, and resources needed to run your company.

What We Can Do For You

Improvement and Upgrading

The technological realm is constantly evolving, and so should your software. Our experts leverage the latest modern technologies to ensure your business works efficiently.

Software Product Development

Development is all about growing existing systems and creating new ones where necessary. Whether you need a fresh new app, or you’d like to work on a few projects long-term, we’re the team for you.

Rebalancing of Incomplete Projects

Have unfinished projects that need fulfilling? Regardless of the reason, we can help you make the most out of every project.

Enterprise Software Development

We have loads of experience in helping business enterprises develop effective software solutions. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Our Process

1. Getting Acquainted

We get to know your business, what you need in terms of functionality, and how we can build software accordingly. We can even adapt the software in future where necessary.

2. Digging Deeper

We delve deep into your short- and long-term goals for your project.

3. Creating a Scrum

The Scrum framework connects everyone involved with the goal of creating innovative and logical solutions to complex problems. The Scrum master is the middle man between the developers and your team to ensure a productive and efficient process.

4. Finding Hidden Variables

First, we examine your existing codebase and determine if there are any hidden requirements. From here, we understand your current software while establishing your goals for the project.

5. Creating an Official Plan of Action

Together with you and your team, we establish a plan of development that matches your unique goals, budget, and deadline.

6. Protecting Your Intellectual Property

This is an absolute must to ensure ultimate protection. We make absolutely sure your information, data, and processes are protected.

Getting to the Root

Software Architecture

Software architecture and design are important elements in ensuring the application’s performance and development efficiency. Our approach ensures each and every developmental step is done and working in full order before moving onto design. Our software architecture includes:

  • Micro-services: Ensures continuous progress for complex software development
  • N-Tier: Here, we separate the design, application, and management
  • Onion: We target the domain, which is the core

Project Management

Our project manager or Scrum Master is available from day one to work with you every step of the way. With our specific methods and processes, you get the benefit of optimal clarity, communication, reliability, and functionality.

Company Growth and Utilization

With Vertical Digital, you have peace of mind knowing we only use latest in modern technology and codes while automating all builds, tests, and deployment to ensure each project runs smoothly and effectively. We also make sure our applications are developed to be readily uploaded to public or private Cloud systems, which ultimately helps your company deploy the software easily. With best architecture practices in our coding systems, you’ll receive the custom, lag-free software you need.

Diversity at its Best

We’ve worked with numerous different industries, which makes us the ideal development company. Our practices, processes, and architectures are meticulously designed for your unprecedented convenience.

Software testing

Quality assurance

Monitor the software engineering process to ensure a quality product.

Software maintenance

Maintenance and Support

24/7 Application Support from our Experienced Engineers