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Cloud native applications

lacitre## Infrastructure to the Cloud 

Cloud enablement and migration are just the beginning when it comes to your organization taking advantage of the Cloud. There are many reasons to consider a Cloud migration, such as migrating a line-of-business application like QuickBooks from a server to the Cloud-based version, or moving your Microsoft suite including email, Office, SharePoint (and all its data) from on-premises to a Cloud model known as the ‘Modern Desktop’. Whatever your business case might be, Vertical Digital will help define it clearly with your own Cloud Roadmap, one that plans and drives execution to the Cloud, then works with you to take advantage of your new Cloud-based solutions to ensure you’re getting maximum return on opportunities. Your business-critical applications and databases may need operational support, re- platforming or re-architecting. You may be constrained by working with difficult data and analytics use cases, perhaps with massive data volumes, multiple data pipelines, or complex environments. Regardless of the challenge your situation presents, we have the capability and expertise you need to access before, during and after your Cloud migration.

We Do This by Ensuring:

  • Data integrity
  • Smooth Movement
  • No Data Loss
  • Adaptive Approach to Legacy Systems
  • Migration with the Cloud Engineers

Cloud Migration Process 

The common elements of a Cloud migration start with evaluation of security and performance requirements, choice of Cloud provider, cost calculations and any organizational changes needed. The details of each migration vary around the specifics – interoperability, data and application portability, data integrity and security and of course, business continuity; all this needs panning and forethought to determine the best and most cost effective way to achieve the end goal. If the pre-migration plan isn’t well conceived, then the potential negative affect on workload performance will lead to higher costs. Vertical Digital can be relied upon to prevent such an outcome.

Custom Application Migration

Businesses that have in-house or custom developed applications might need to consider re-platforming, or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and this can lead to significant cost reduction and simplification of a custom application itself, actually enhancing its capabilities by leveraging PaaS. Whilst upfront effort is required to evaluate the existing application, design and thorough testing, the pay-off can be significant.

Migrate safely to the cloud

Vertical Digital has the capability to evaluate line-of-business applications that you may be considering migrating, as well as packaged software applications from on-premises hardware and Infrastructure as a Service environments (IaaS) and tell you clearly what savings and enhancements can be made by adoption of a PaaS model.

Software-as-a-Service Migration

If your business wants to assess its on-premises applications for SaaS alternatives, most off-the-shelf applications are likely to be hosted on a server in the Cloud or IaaS. In what’s known as a ‘lift and shift’ move, the migration plan evaluates and considers how best to optimize app performance once transferred to the Cloud, understand and define costs and ensures the effectiveness of security measures present in the IaaS environment.

Software maintenance

Maintenance and Support

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Custom software

Custom Software Development

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