Transportation Management System

Country: UK

transportation management system

Trucking companies face new challenges and need to adapt faster than ever before. In order to address these challenges, specific processes can be automated and business intelligence rules engines can process data in order to make operational decisions. The customer had a fleet of over 1000 trucks and 1800 drivers and started facing issues with an overwhelming amount of EU regulations regarding taxes, insurances and driver schedule. These problems were affecting the company’s revenue and halted their growth. During the business analysis phase we identified the following points that needed to be addressed:

  • Lack of or no communication between team members and departments.
  • Back-office contingencies
  • Use of resources at a fraction from their full capacity.
  • Pieces of vital information are kept in too many places which do not interact one with each other.
  • Crucial business decisions are taken based on the experience and emotions of one single person/team.
  • Increased expenses
  • Unsatisfied customers due to delays in delivery

At the end of the analysis the stakeholders decided that they wanted a single SaaS web application that would integrate 5 modules specific to their industry:

  • Fleet management
  • Driver management
  • Order management
  • Financial reports
  • Recommendation engine

We identified that the best suited solution, taking into consideration the amount of stakeholders and 3rd party integrations, is to have a decoupled front-end built with React and a Spring Boot powered REST API deployed in a micro-services architecture.

Time to completion: 1 year

Budget range: 400.000 € - 500.000 €

Technologies used:

  • Java 8
  • Spring boot
  • MySQL
  • Spring Security
  • JPA
  • Bootstrap
  • Docker

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