Applicant tracking system

Country: USA

applicant tracking software

The project requested by our customer was a cloud based applicant tracking system that handles all recruiting processes in one place. The project’s purpose was to hire the best people faster using assessments in different expertise areas, store unlimited profiles and documents, use collaborative applicant tracking and provide an exceptional applicant experience. The system also had to be integrated with the latest AI technology for resume parsing for automatic import of applicant data.

We developed a system comprised of 3 modules, each deployed as a separate web application:

Our customer requirements were to build a cloud native Software-as-a-Service platform that would automatically scale when the number of users would grow during large recruitment processes. The business requested that application would support 4 different user personas, with dedicated spaces and permissions:

  • Candidate: receives invitations to assessment sessions, takes online test
  • Recruiter: Manages applicant profiles, creates job openings, assigns assessment sessions to positions and sends invitations to candidates
  • Assessment manager: creates and organizes company assessments and manages evaluation criteria.
  • Human resources specialist: Manages the onboarding process and employee documents

In order to deliver the desired features we developed a system comprised of 3 modules, each deployed as a separate web application:

  • Document management system
  • Assessments engine
  • Recruiter portal

The nature of the project requested to work in an Agile process, so we assigned a Java SCRUM team with the following structure:

  • 2 full-stack Java developers (7+ years of experience)
  • 1 front-end developer (5+ years of experience)
  • 1 software tester (10+ years of experience)
  • 1 scrum master (10+ years of experience)

Time to completion: 6 months

Budget range: 100.000 € - 200.000 €

The project was developed with the following technologies:

  • Java 8
  • JSF
  • Spring
  • MySQL
  • JPA
  • Bootstrap
  • OpenShift

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